The higher your frequency, the healthier you are!


The higher your frequency the stronger your immune system


The stronger your immune system the healthier you are!



Health tips for the highest possible frequency 


- be in balance, especially between effortrelaxation and focus on reducing stress 

follow your bliss

trusting the flow of live

focus your attention on + talk about what makes you happy or what you wish for, your goals & dreams

- know your purpose of living (for me that is being awakened & present and shining my light and sharing my joy, love & wisdom)

focus on the senses in your body, be as much present as possible by focussing on what you see, hear, taste, smell and FEEL!
    I call that Tantric living

- Choose 5th dimensional living, it is a state of consciousness in which you are awakened, it's when you transcend out of 3D, the 3rd dimensional state of consciousness is that of seperation & duality, being identified with the mind and the ego and living in suffering

take good care of you body, mind and soul for the body is our doorway to Spirit (being awakened/enlightened) 


 Taking good care of your body through a balanced and healthy lifestyle:

- Eat mostly plantbased and whole foods (not processed) whithout pesticides (biological or washed in water with a little bakingsoda/sodium bicarbonate).

- Reduce your sugar intake as much as possible, taking chromium helps you with reducing the urge for sugar.

- Exercise, reduce stress, meditate or do nothing for part(s) of the day, just BE, be spiritually active and know your purpose.

- Be social and hang out with friends and laugh a lot.

- Party, dance and feel free & loved

- Make sure you consume enough of the vital vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, D, zink, selenium, silicium and magnesium, best consumed through your food (fruit, vegetables, nuts, seaweed (chlorella & spirulina), mushrooms (best reishi, it is an adaptogen, which is anti stress and does more good things for us))