Awakening is about becoming more conscious, loving free and your true self

 Tips for awakening

Focus on being present (with all your senses), empty (mind) and aligned (body).

Keeping your body aligned is the optimal shape for being a vessel for the energy to flow through your body. That is why aligned dancing helps a lot in growing in energy and bliss.
And living in alignment with your purpose, which is growth!


Feel and release, love and laugh, play and rest!


Ik leef vanuit het enige weten dat ik energie ben, dat zich bij mij vooral uit in vreugde, liefde, genieten, dankbaarheid en geraaktheid (in geval van onrecht of kwetsuur). Ieder mens heeft alles in zich, hoe meer we bewust zijn hoe meer we kunnen kiezen voor liefdevolle dingen en hoe vrijer we (durven) zijn. Vrij zijn is ons grootste goed, dus ook de ander vrij laten zijn is van groot belang. Je kunt wel in gesprek gaan en jouw visie geven op de gebeurtenis. Dit om elkaar te helpen groeien in bewustzijn.


                                                                Katja de Groot   

Take your responsibility for your body, MIND and soul!

What we only know for certain is that we are human beings.....breathing, thinking, talking, walking, social and emotional beings.

We have bodies through which energy flows. We create our own reality, mostly unconscious. So we act by following the examples (the behavior of others) and by learning from our own experiences. Our purpose is growth, physically, mentally and spiritually. 
The awakened state of being is the highest state we can achieve as human beings, meaning we are fully conscious of everything, being completely free, having inner peace, trusting the flow of life and living in flow and mostly feeling thankful and in love with all that is.  

The best mantra to repeat for creating this state of being (with the highest frequency) is